In 2001, The Enjoy Company began simply as Enjoy Nantucket

Founder, Benjamin Goldberg, was working as a chef and house manager for a prominent Nantucket family when he saw the opportunity to offer these individualized hospitality and culinary services to more vacationing families in Nantucket. As the Enjoy Company and team have grown over the last 15 years, so has the level and scope of service, offering clients around the world bespoke service, local knowledge, responsiveness, and second-to-none attention to detail that allows every client to feel like they are on vacation, wherever, whenever.  

Your TIME is valuable, and we want you to enjoy it. Know that we have it taken care of, so you can spend your time enjoying family, friends and doing the things you love most. Enjoy wants to make you feel like you’re on vacation… all the time. 




Enjoy Lifestyle can be your year-round virtual concierge assisting with any event, vacation, household staffing and property management. As your single point of contact any need is a phone call away.

Enjoy Kitchen was inspired by our love of entertaining with Food and our clients need to feed their family and guests. After seeing the need for more prepared meals for in-home delivery to special event catering and fine dining, Enjoy Kitchen was born in 2015. 

The Enjoy Kitchen Catering truck has rolled on island Summer of 2016. It is a professional grade, commercial kitchen-on-wheels, fully outfitted for the most fun events and gourmet functions up to 500 guests.

Today, The Enjoy Company delights in helping their clients everywhere they are or desire to go.








Just tell us a bit about your needs, and  you’ll swiftly be on your way to making every day more ENJOYable!


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